Sales Programme

Selling your products
There’s always a receptive market for Phoenix products and, over time, you will develop a repeat order business. In the meantime, here are just a few ideas to get you started:
  • Sell to family and friends
  • Organise informal in-home events, we call them ‘Coffee & Cards’
  • Leave a basket of products / samples or brochures for the staff of local businesses e.g. offices, doctors’ surgeries, school staffrooms etc.
  • Take your ‘shop’ (a bag, a box or a basket of cards) wherever you go - there’s always someone who needs a card!
  • Hold an ‘Open House’ a few times a year for guests to pop in and stock up
  • Fundraise – sell your products in support of your favourite good causes
  • Look for events such as craft markets, Christmas fêtes, mother & toddler groups, school fairs, church bazaars...
  • Let the neighbourhood know you are their ‘one stop-shop’ for cards and stationery

  • Our business model is based on three simple programmes. You may participate at level one (retailing), level two (retailing and building a small team) or, level three (focused team building), depending on your ambition, the time you have available and your personal circumstances. However, you are free to increase or decrease your activity whenever you choose.

    Level 1 - Sales Programme
  • You can run your own successful business in just a few hours per week.
  • You earn an immediate profit from sales you make to your customers.
  • You purchase products directly from the company at a discount of 30%, for example, if you sell £100 worth of products you will earn £30 profit.

  • In addition, you can earn a Retail Bonus for productivity:
  • 5% If your Personal Volume is 150 BV or more
  • 10% If your Personal Volume is 500 BV or more
  • 15% If your Personal Volume is 1,000 BV or more

  • Level 2 - Sponsoring Programme Sponsoring is simply offering others the same opportunity that was offered to you. When you introduce a new Trader to the business, you will earn a 5% Sponsor Bonus based on their Personal Volume for any one month in which you are also Personally Active.

    Level 3 - Business Development Programme

    Perfect if you’re looking to take your business even further – the sky’s the limit! By supporting, motivating and developing the Traders you and your team have sponsored, you can become an Executive Trader and be paid a 5% Business Development Bonus based on the sales achieved by your team. Business Development Bonus is payable on up to 4 generations of Executive Traders and the activity of their teams.

    There is a clearly defined plan for progression as a Phoenix Trader with appropriate training designed to support your needs at each stage:

    New Year, New Career!
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